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Kresimir Ilicic

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icon Updated on: Feb 14, 2022

The replicator is an NFT by the artist Mad Dog Jones. This NFT is pretty special because it is self-replicating. Replicator was the first of its kind, but nowadays you might find plenty of copycats.

What’s also cool about this NFT is how there are different generations of it. Each generation of the Replicator NFT looks a bit different, but they all have one purpose. That purpose is to self-replicate until eventually the machine gets broken or as they say “jammed”.



ARTIST Mad Dog Jones
PRICE $4.1 Million
STYLE Animation with sound


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About Replicator NFT

Replicator NFT is art created by Mad Dog Jones in partnership with Phillips. As surprising as it is, but yes, Phillips which you may know as the big technology company. We don’t exactly know how Phillips and Mad Dog Jones found each other, but we are glad that they did.

It all started with the first generation of the Replicator. There are seven generations in total, the first one produces 6 NFTs with the pace of one per month. Each subsequent generation of the replicator produces one less.

Imagine it as a family tree where the first-generation Replicator is at the top. If the replicator jams, no new generations will be produced. Every 28 days, the replicator will produce a new generation of replicators, unless it jams. The smart contract limits the total number of generations to seven.

Replicator bug on fire

Mad Dog Jones added a chance of a bug happening as you may see on the above image. Some of the bugs we can already see are:

  • Ink explosion
  • Replicator on fire
  • Wrench in the system
  • Bullseye
  • … and more

It seems that there are three different variations of a bug per generation. When a bug happens, the artwork will be unique for this generation, but the Replicator no longer produces NFTs.

The unique thing about the Replicator NFT is when you sell any artwork, all replicants or jams will be sold to that person automatically as well.

About Author

Mad Dog Jones, the author behind Replicator NFT was not new to the NFT world. Before replicator, he also launched the super successful “Crash + Burn” NFT collection.

He has a unique style that reminds us of a mix of anime, cyberpunk, and realism. The setting and cities in his art remind us of anime, but the characters are realistic.

Mad Dog Jones is not a stranger to real-life art either. It all started through his Instagram. He quickly gained a bunch of followers and became an “internet artist”. However, he didn’t want to remain just an artist from Instagram.

On August 30, 2019, Mad Dog Jones launched his “AFTERL-IFE WORLD” art exhibition. The exhibition was in Diesel Art Gallery that’s located in Shibuya, Tokyo. What better way to kickstart your career than in Tokyo?

After all, Mad Dog Jones draws inspiration from Tokyo and Japanese culture in general.

So, how did he end up in the NFT world? Well, he never disclosed it, but we believe he simply saw the opportunity. Considering he already had a big following on Instagram, it was easier for him to start in this space.

Most of the best NFT marketplaces will let visitors know when an artist is verified. Mad Dog Jones is verified both on OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, but on social media as well.

Mad Dog Jones is verified on OpenSea NFT marketplace


Who bought the first Replicator?

The replicator was sold to an anonymous buyer for $4.1 million. The sale took place on the Phillips auction website. Considering how high is the winning bid amount, it could easily be someone famous behind it.

However, the person who bought it doesn’t even have an OpenSea profile, so who knows. The Replicator currently has 35 Ethereum trading volume according to the OpenSea. That’s quite under the sale price, however, we doubt that someone bought it just to flip it later.

There are three owners at the moment, which means the first initial owner sold some later pieces of the replicator.

What marketplace is Replicator on?

The replicator was up for an auction on Phillips’s official website. In case you are wondering, no, this was not the only NFT on this auction. The main auction for the replicator has ended on April 11, 2021, or should we say, it was minted on that date.

After the auction was over, NFT was sent to the new owner. You may notice how Phillips’s website asks for full information and documentation for the owner. That means the owner is anonymous to the public, but not to the company. Also, he had to buy it in his name, and not for someone else.

As for the other NFTs sold on Phillips Auction, there are:

  • Bitchcoin – Created by Sarah Meyoah as a part of the “20th Century & Contemporary Art”.
  • Phytocene – Oscar winner Nicolas Becker and bio-physicist Nicolas Desprat and musician Agoria teamed up to create this NFT.


Does the replicator NFT have any utility?

Replicator NFT does not have any utility. It does replicate itself, but as far as “real” utility goes, there isn’t any. There is no passive earning, no access to special events, limited merch, or anything like that.

However, this piece of NFT is pure art. You don’t really expect a Picasso painting to provide you passive earning, do you? However, the beauty of NFTs is that if the owner decides to implement something new in the future, he can do it.

Wish we could ask da Vinci to add some utility to Mona Lisa, imagine the hype…

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