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Fidenza #313


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Kresimir Ilicic

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ARTIST Tyler Hobbs
PRICE $3.3 Million
STYLE Computer generated image


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One of the most expensive pieces sold on the Art Blocks marketplace is Fidenza #313 NFT. Art Blocks platform got a bunch of cool-looking NFTs, what’s really cool about it is the mathematical algorithm behind it. Each NFT is unique and there are multiple different collections up for a sale.

Fidenza #313 is just one NFT that’s part of the Fidenza collection. This is not the only collection on the Art Blocks platform, but it’s one of the most popular ones. What most people know is that someone spent $3.3 Million worth of Ethereum to get it, but as you will find out, he wasn’t the first owner. The price was one of the main reasons why we have decided to include it in this list, but once we have done our research, Fidenza and other art on that platform turned out to be really special.

Fidenza #313 NFT was sold for 3.3 million dollars.
Fidenza #313

About Fidenza #313 NFT

Fidenza #313 NFT is a part of a collection with the same name, Fidenza. So, what’s special about this collection? Just as with every other collection on Art Blocks, there is a mathematical algorithm behind it. This is probably the only marketplace where the artists are programmers.

Why do we say that?

Because in order to create such art, the artist had to create a script. This script contains details about the art such as its shape, dimension, color, and more. Every time users mints an NFT, the script will generate a unique “seed” that ensures each art is special.

The Fidenza collection is full of different colors and similar rectangle-like shapes. However, as with every collection on the Art Blocks marketplace, not a single Fidenza NFT looks the same. Neither the artist nor the buyer knows what the art will look like before buying.

You can take a look at some of the NFTs in this collection down below.

Fidenza collection on Art Blocks
Fidenza on Art Blocks

Wanna hear a crazy thing? The first owner of Fidenza #313 got it for approximately $1,400. Just two months later, the new owner sold his NFT to an unknown buyer for $3.3 Million. That’s a crazy return within such a short period.

Every collection on Art Blocks has a fixed number of NFTs available, that number is 999 for Fidenza. Limiting the number of NFTs in a collection increases scarcity, which leads to a higher price later on. Of course, that’s not the case with every NFT collection, but most collections on Art Blocks end up costing more than what their mint cost was.

About Author

The artist behind the Fidenza NFT collection is Tyler Hobbs. He is an artist with a degree in Computer Science. He loves experimenting with art, and just as many other generative artists he thought “what if I wrote a program that created a painting?”.

That’s how Fidenza was born. It looks like Tyler got into generative art at the right time, just as the Art Blocks platform increased in popularity. After Fidenza, he has also done a collection called “Incomplete control” which contains 100 different NFTs also completely sold out.

Ever since launching these collections, Tyler Hobbs established himself as an artist. His art was featured in many different art exhibitions and he is slowly getting recognition. Whether he plans to release more NFT art, we don’t know, but we’d love to see more stuff from him.

Who bought Fidenza #313 NFT?

Fidenza #313 was firstly sold to a buyer for “just” $1,000 on the Art Blocks platform. A few months later, that same NFT was sold to a new buyer for a super high price of 1,000ETH worth $3.3 Million at the time. This is surely one of the biggest profit flips in the history of NFTs.

The identity of both buyers is currently unknown, but we do know them by their username on OpenSea. PizzAle is the username of the first owner of Fidenza 313 for $1,000 and the second owner who got it for $3.3 Million is as punk6529. The second user has that username because he/she owns CryptoPunk #6529.

Whether the buyer bought it because he loves the art, plans to flip it, or something else, we don’t know. We do know that it’s one of the most expensive NFTs to this date, so it must be very valuable in the buyer’s eyes, whether from the art perspective or its monetary value.

What marketplace was it sold on?

Fidenza #313 was sold on the Art Blocks NFT marketplace. This marketplace specializes in selling computer-generated images, just as the whole Fidenza collection is. Other than Fidenza, there are hundreds of different algorithmic collections, but each one looks unique.

Fidenza is a part of the “curated” collection. In case you don’t know what’s curated collection, basically, it’s a collection approved by the curation board of the Art Blocks team members. There are also other collections on this marketplace that are not a part of the “curated” collection. Obviously, the curated ones achieve a bigger price as people consider them to be somewhat special.

Fidenza #313 is on the Art Blocks marketplace
Art Blocks

The average price for every NFT on Art Blocks is somewhere from 0.1 ETH to 0.25 ETH. Naturally, some pieces will be much more expensive than others. Fidenza collection had a mint price of 0.17 ETH, which is sup

Does Fidenza #313 NFT have any utility?

No, Fidenza #313 doesn’t have any utility at this time. You can either purchase it to collect art or flip it later on. The user who buys Fidenza receives a token (NFT) that has the art tied to it. If a person wants to own some physical items such as the painting of his NFT, he might take a look at the Tyler Hobbs shop.

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