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CyberKongz NFT Review


Kresimir Ilicic

Expert Analyst & Reviewer


icon Updated on: Feb 7, 2022

Cyberkongz is an NFT collection that has taken the blockchain by storm. It was released in 2021, yet it already has over 39 thousand ETH in trading volume. Stick along for a detailed Cyberkongz NFT collection review.

This collection was one of the first to introduce tokenomics and passive earning by holding NFTs. Basically, you just need to buy and hold Cyberkongz NFT and you’ll earn a $BANANA token, but more about that later on.


Total Items 5,000
Total Owners 2,286
Floor Price 4.85 ETH
Volume Traded $139,830,070
Blockchain Ethereum
Author Myoo
Date Created 2021-04-16


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About CyberKongz NFT collection

CyberKongz is an NFT collection built on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a maximum supply of 5,000 CyberKongz, but not all of them are the same. There are three different types of CyberKongz:

  • Genesis – Only 1,000 Genesis CyberKongz exist on the blockchain. These are the first “kongz” from the CyberKongz collection and their price is as expected the highest. Each Genesis Kong rewards its holders with 10 $BANANA tokens a day.
  • Baby/Incubator – These kongz are gained by breeding two genesis kongz. In case you don’t own a genesis one, you can always buy a baby kong or an incubator on the secondary NFT marketplace. Firstly, people received an incubator which they could sell or open the incubator and get one of the 4000 Cyberkong babies.
  • VX – This is the version of CyberKongz that was created because of the metaverse hype. Although, this is a whole different collection of CyberKongz. There is a total of 15,000 3D Metaverse-ready CyberKongz. Holders of genesis CyberKongz were allowed to mint the VX version for free, others could mint it for a price. The whole collection was gone within minutes.
Cyberkongz NFT collection collectible
CyberKongz NFT

As previously mentioned, holders of genesis CyberKongz can earn you passive income. So, how does it actually work?

Basically, by holding a genesis CyberKongz NFT, you are getting 10 $BANANA tokens airdropped to the wallet holding a genesis kong DAILY. At the time of writing this, one $BANANA token is worth approximately $13.33.

That’s $133 daily just for holding a CyberKongz genesis NFT, crazy right?

Holders of genesis will get tokens daily for the next 10 years. You can sell the tokens for a profit, but $BANANA tokens can also be used to rename your kongz or add a custom “bio”. Also, you need 600 $BANANA tokens to breed genesis kongz and get a baby CyberKongz NFT.

Art Style

The art styles for CyberKongz differ depending on the type. For example, genesis, baby, and incubator CyberKongz have a 2D pixel art style. However, if we take a look at the VX CyberKongz type, it’s 3D voxel-style art.

Let’s view the comparison gradually on the image down below.

There are 4 different cyberkongz types, incubator, baby, genesis and vx.
CyberKongz Type Comparison

Actually, CyberKongz was not released in this order, the third image is actually the first NFT type in the collection (genesis). However, for simplicity, we have decided to align them from incubator, baby, genesis to VX.

There are many different colors in the palette, from crazy pink kongz to realistic brown ones. After all, they are cyber apes, so there shouldn’t really be a limitation on what they can look like.

Extra accessories that each CyberKongz can have are mostly real-life items like headphones, different clothing, sunglasses, etc. Each item has a certain rarity factor which adds to the total rarity of a Cyberkongz NFT. As a result, the rarer the assets you have on your NFT, the higher the price you can get for it.

VX CyberKongz are different. You can use them in the metaverse game known as The Sandbox. Since this game is a voxel-shaped metaverse, the CyberKongz VX collection is also made in voxel art style.

The cool thing about the VX collection is that you can preview it in 3D, both on the official website and secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Basically, you can spin them around to see them from all angles, change the background color, etc.

There are 15,000 VX CyberKongz to choose from, each with unique assets.

About author

Little is known about the authors of CyberKongz. We only know that the main artist is known as Myoo. Since they are a community-driven project, we can freely say that the team behind CyberKongz is the community.

You can often find different contests for the community on their Discord server. There are plenty of volunteers, from developers to designers who help the project grow every day.

The whole community behind CyberKongz tries to upgrade the project all the time. Mostly, it’s through different utility upgrades. As a result of one such upgrade was the $BANANA token. This alone brought a lot of value to the holders of this NFT.

Later on, the CyberKongz team has revealed the Kongz tank idea. Basically, it’s very similar to “Shark Tank” TV Show, but with CyberKongz NFT aspects. Projects can pitch their idea and those that win get access to certain benefits:

  • Cryptocurrency reward in the shape of 10 ETH and 1,000 $BANANA token.
  • Marketing support from the CyberKongz team

People can “unlock” the funds as they develop the project. One part comes when the team presents the idea, one part when there is a working prototype and the last part comes when the project is complete.

Also, one of the ideas was to combine CyberKongz with metaverse, and that’s when the VX collection was born. We love the direction in which the CyberKongz collection is going, and we hope to see even more upgrades in the future.

What blockchain is CyberKongz collection on?

CyberKongz NFT collection lives on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection dates back when most collections were on Ethereum. There are better alternatives to the Ethereum blockchain for NFTs today.

But, why would someone seek an alternative anyways?

Two words, gas fees. Ethereum has very high transaction fees and sometimes you’ll pay more than $100 just for one transaction. Obviously, this isn’t a big factor for the CyberKongz collection because the floor price is 6.45 ETH. However, that doesn’t mean spending hundred dollars on a transaction is justified.

CyberKongz also later introduced the $BANANA token. Each holder of genesis CyberKongz NFT receives 10 $BANANA tokens daily for the next 10 years. This token allows you to write a small bio for your Cyberkongz NFT, but also to name it and breed it.

The $BANANA token also serves as a governance token. What does that mean? Basically, CyberKongz aims to become more decentralized and the community is able to vote on future changes based on the amount of $BANANA they have and CyberKongz they hold.

For example, one such voting was for the release of the “Kongz Tank” as you may see on the image down below.

The community has voted for the release of kongz tank.
Voting for “Kongz Tank”

You might have noticed the word “OOH” next to the number of votes. What’s “OOH” exactly? Basically, these are the individual number of votes. Many different things count towards it such as holding some of CyberKongz NFTs, $BANANA token, or CyberKongz VX. The number of OOH’s for each person depends on a formula as you may see on the image down below.

The calculation for the number of OOH each Cyberkongz holder has
Calculation of “OOH” votes

What wallet you can use with CyberKongz

You can use any Ethereum NFT wallet, but if you are still unsure which one to use, take a look at our best NFT wallets ranking.

How to buy CyberKongz NFT?

You can’t mint CyberKongz NFT anymore. All NFTs, including both genesis and VX CyberKongz, are fully minted and can no longer be purchased on the official website. Still, you can purchase all these NFTs on secondary NFT marketplaces.

One example of a secondary marketplace is OpenSea. We’ll guide you on how to purchase CyberKongz on OpenSea for the sake of this guide. So, let’s start:

  1. The first thing you got to do is navigate to the OpenSea marketplace.
  2. Use the search function to find the CyberKongz NFT collection, notice how the official one has a “verified” tick next to its name.
  3. Search the specific CyberKongz you want to purchase and open its profile page.
  4. Connect your WEB3 (NFT) wallet with OpenSea.
  5. If possible, use the “Buy Now” to purchase outright. However, if not possible, use “Make offer” and send your bid. If the owner accepts your bid, you’ll get the NFT, sometimes it can take days for the owner to notice your bid.
  6. Congrats, you now own the NFT.
Cyberkongz #3918 profile page on OpenSea NFT marketplace
CyberKongz #3918 on OpenSea

Does CyberKongz NFT collection have any utility?

CyberKongz is one of the NFT collections with the most utility. The team behind this collection aims to make it as decentralized as possible. One of the ways they made it decentralized is through the community voting on future implementations.

One of the first utilities in the CyberKongz NFT collection was the $BANANA token. Basically, every holder of CyberKongz Genesis NFT gets 10 $BANANA tokens daily. Each banana token is worth $22.62 at the time of writing this article. That means every holder gets $226 daily just for holding that NFT.

Just this utility alone is worth much more than what other NFT collections offer.

However, the utility doesn’t stop there. Owners of two genesis CyberKongz can breed them. When you breed them, you’ll get a new “Baby/Incubator” CyberKongz NFT. You’ll need to pay for that transaction by spending 600 $BANANA tokens.

VX CyberKongz collection allows holders to use NFTs in Metaverse games such as The Sandbox. Basically, you get a 3D model of your CyberKongz NFT which you can download and then import where you want.

Another utility coming in the future is the “Banana Shop”. You’ll be able to purchase wearable items and equipment for your CyberKongz VX. Other than that, there is also the upcoming “Kongz Island” plot in The Sandbox available for all holders.

Finally, in “level four” as they call it on their official website, we’ll get “Kongz Utility Expansion”. The official website states “Owning one or more CyberKongz grants you access to CyberKongz Guilds, bridging the gap between Axie Infinity, Guild of Guardians and Embersword“.

We know that these three mentioned projects are all games, so we guess they will somehow import Cyberkongz NFT into the games. However, time will tell what’s the actual plan behind that “bridge”.



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