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0N1 Force NFT Collection Review


Kresimir Ilicic

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icon Updated on: Feb 7, 2022

If you are looking for NFTs with cool art design, 0N1 Force is your answer. These 7,777 uniquely generated collections have more than 100 different assets. If you want to know why it’s one of the most popular collections, keep reading because we are doing a 0N1 Force NFT collection review.

0N1 Force has more than 4,000 unique owners and the total volume traded is over 44,000 ETH. You might be wondering, what’s there other than the art? Well, a bunch of different utility is coming up according to their roadmap, such as a comic book, metaverse, merch, etc.


UTILITY Metaverse (Upcoming)


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About 0N1Force NFT collection

What’s the 0N1Force NFT collection? It’s a collection made out of 7,777 unique characters. Each character got certain assets such as a helmet, jacket, hoodie, mask, etc. Based on how rare a single asset is, the price is also higher.

The team strongly focuses on the story and they base the characters on it. When summed up, the story talks about life in the ethereal enclave. Chaos rules the enclave, and there are three different clans living there.

  • Y0K-A1 (Ghost Spirit) – The most common 0N1 clan. 68 % of all 0N1 Force characters belong to this clan. You can think of them as core citizens of Ethereal Enclave. The rarest assets for this clan are cat ears, gasmask, and kitsune.
  • B4K3M0-N0 (Monster Form) – Less common clan that only 27% of 0N1 characters belong to. They are connecting fashion and tech, the old and the new. Most rares assets for this clan are fedora, rose, and E-A1D.
  • 0N1 (The Demon) – The rarest clan which only 5% 0N1 Force characters belong to. These are the elites, the ones leading the ethereal enclave. Just as the other two clans, this one also has some assets that are very rare such as Haunted and Reflective Jacket (Gold).
  • K4M-1 (The Gods) – They do not belong to any of these 3 clans. Also known as the Gods, there are only 7 of them. You may notice how they face the opposite directions from other 0N1’s.

Each clan has common traits and rare traits. Also, each has a “spirit” as you may see in the list above, next to the name of the clan. On top of that, every 0N1Force character has a “Strength” attribute. At the moment, strength is purely speculative, but it may be a hint at their future plans.

0N1Force #2542
0N1Force #2542

Art Style

As the creators of 0N1Force like to describe it, the art style behind these characters is “Lo-Fi”. For those of you who don’t know what’s lo-fi, basically, it’s a music-centric aesthetic that creates a soothing feeling in the observer. You might recognize the art in those “Lo-Fi Study Mixes” that are super popular on YouTube.

All characters look like they came out of anime, so it doesn’t surprise us that they have created a comic book. As we have previously mentioned, all characters have certain assets on them. These come in different forms, from glasses to suits and crazy hair. You can take a look at the comparison photos below.

0N1 #7388 vs. 0N1 #0563
0N1 #7388 vs. 0N1 #0563

As you may see, everything about these two 0N1 is different. Hair, eyes, mask, clothing, even the background, and skin color. That being said, it doesn’t mean that two 0N1 characters can’t have the same assets. They can, but the combination of them is always unique.

The previously mentioned “clans” also impact what assets characters have. Y0K-A1 (Common) characters have the simplest assets and backgrounds, while 0N1 (The demon, rarest) have complex and rarest assets. The pricing on a secondary marketplace of each NFT is based on the complexity and rarity of the assets.

However, the price was exactly the same on their official website before they sold out. Mainly because the characters were randomly minted.

About author

There isn’t a single author behind 0N1Force, but a small team of 7 individuals. Some are orientated on the art and the front-end design, while others are into marketing or tech development. Regardless of who does what, it’s impressive what they did as a collective.

The team members of 0N1 Force are:

  • Strawberry / Ichigo – Co-creator of 0N1Force and front-end designer.
  • Cryptospaces – Co-creator and tech developer.
  • IMCMPLX – Main art designer and co-creator
  • EM / Link – She is responsible for community relations and managing their Discord
  • JR – His main focus is marketing.
  • Cromagnus – Another artist in the team and VR sculptor as well.
  • K4T – Handles different operations for the 0N1Force project.

Some of the team members already had a social following before this project. Such an example is IMCMPLX, better known by his real name “Bryan Lie”. He is the creator of the widely known comic “God Complex”. Those who read one of these comics can right away see the art style present in his 0N1 characters as well.

What blockchain is 0N1Force collection on?

0N1Force is on the Ethereum blockchain. Even though NFTs on Ethereum will have access to a more different marketplace, there are a few issues with it. One of those issues is high transaction fees.

0N1 characters don’t hold any utility at the moment. Because of that, people tend to flip their NFTs and make a profit. However, flipping would be way easier if the collection was not on the Ethereum blockchain.

We hope that either Ethereum transaction fees will be lower once ETH 2.0 is out or that 0N1 Force will support a new blockchain.

What wallet you can use with 0N1 Force?

You can use any Ethereum NFT wallet such as MetaMask. There are many others, but if you are unsure which one to use, take a look at our best NFT wallets ranking.

Basically, you’ll need to check what wallets are supported on the secondary NFT marketplace you are buying your NFT from.

How to buy 0N1Force NFT?

Since the 0N1 Force collection was sold out in less than 5 minutes, you can buy it only through the secondary NFT marketplace today. Almost any bigger marketplace that supports Ethereum blockchain will have a 0N1 Force collection available.

Follow these steps to purchase 0N1 Force NFT:

  • Find the marketplace. 0N1’s are not available on every marketplace, but Ethereum ones. For example, OpenSea is one place you can buy at.
  • Sign up for an NFT wallet. You can use MetaMask browser addon or anything, but before you sign up, check what wallets are supported on the marketplace you have chosen.
  • Add funds to your wallet. You can send funds from a cryptocurrency exchange or even buy through a wallet as some have that possibility.
  • Connect your wallet to the marketplace. In 99.99% of scenarios, this will be just navigating to the marketplace, selecting the “connect” button, and signing the message on your wallet. Some marketplaces may require you to fill in additional details though.
  • Choose the 0N1 you like. Go through the collection and if you see one 0N1 that you like, purchase it. If it’s not up for a sale, you can send an open offer if the marketplace supports it.
  • Purchase it. Pay with the Ethereum you have previously added and purchase the 0N1 Force NFT you have chosen.

Congratulations, you are now a new owner of an 0N1 Force NFT. Enjoy the new NFT in your collection and you can do whatever you want with it. Follow 0N1 Force on their official website and social media to find out when they add a new feature or utility to the project.

Does 0N1Force collection have any utility?

0N1 Force is mainly an art-orientated project and doesn’t have serious utility behind it. However, artists have revealed they have connections with music artists all over the world. One of their ideas is to provide 0N1 NFT holders VIP access tickets, backstage passes, and similar benefits for real-life events.

Also, only the holders got access to limited merch made by the 0N1 Force creators. Each holder has to connect his wallet to the official 0N1 website and he’ll get a one-time password. Then you input that one-time password in the “merch shop” part of the website, and you are good to go.

0N1 Force Merch
0N1 Force Merch

Other plans include art and collaborative exhibitions for all holders. Also, comic book drafting began when the whole collection was sold. All future updates can be found on their Twitter account and their Discord server.

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