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Videos are one of the most common categories that you’ll find on NFT marketplaces. There are plenty of creators making such art type and some have even managed to sell it for over a million $.

Some of these NFT videos have a real impact on the world, while others are purely for the lovers of a good art piece. We have included both in the ranking down below, so if you want to learn more about the best NFT videos, keep reading.

By Kresimir | January 16, 2022

Best NFT Videos Reviews



Metarift is NFT animation made by Pak, an anonymous artist who wants to remain in the shadows. Regardless of his secret identity, his work is loved by many and Metarift has sold for $904 thousand which proves the fans love him. Pak is best known for creating Archillect, an AI algorithm that discovers and shares stimulating visual content.




$904 Thousand


Animation with music




The Living Doodle

The Living Doodle is an NFT art reminding us of what we used to draw as kids. However, this is not an ordinary doodle by the artist, he lives it. Whenever the artist has appeared in public, he was covered in doodled gear matching his art. He’s an artist well-known outside the NFT area but found his spot in the area as well. This specific art is a video showing him draw a doodle art piece.


Mr. Doodle


$195 Thousand


Animation with music




Death of the Old

Death of the Old is an NFT created by the well-known artist Grimes. The art consists of 3d animation combined with a song Grimes has written. She is one of the artists who helped the NFT community grow because the news was filled with headlines mentioning her total NFT sales volume. This particular art was sold for $388 thousand on the Nifty gateway marketplace.




$388 Thousand


Animation with music


Nifty gateway


Ocean Front

Ocean Front was created by Beeple who we previously mentioned for his Crossroad NFT work. As with other NFTs made by Beeple, there is always a message behind the art. This art was made to raise awareness of the climate changes that can be slow down. Not just that, but the profits are going towards The Open Earth Foundation that is raising funds to improve the management of planet Earth.




$6 Million


Animated art


Nifty gateway


Lebron James Dunk

Lebron James Dunk is an NFT sold on the NBA Top Shot marketplace. It shows LeBron dunking for the Lakers by doing a reverse dunk as a tribute to Kobe Bryant who used to dunk like that. This art was sold for $387 thousand which is a record on that marketplace. Collectibles in this NBA marketplace are recorded moments of real NBA players scoring incredible points.


NBA Top Shot


$387 Thousand




NBA Top Shot


How do we evaluate the best NFT videos?

The table that you can see above is based on the criterion that our team has developed. In order to decide which NFT goes on which spot, we had to decide what is the most important aspect of an NFT Video, and this is what we have found:

  1. Impact – We prefer NFT videos that have a real impact on the world, whether that’s a humanitarian impact, or helping the NFT world grow. To keep it simple, projects that serve a purpose other than making the artist rich, get bonus points.
  2. Artist – Who is the artist behind this NFT? Is it a famous person, anonymous creator, a team of people or something else? We prefer unknown artists who were not popular before they did this NFT.
  3. Price – What price did the NFT art sell for? The higher the price, the better, especially for projects that have a humanitarian purpose. Nowadays, it’s not strange to see NFTs selling for a couple of million dollars.
  4. Type – How does the video look like? Is your video recorded or is it an animation? Does it have any music? How much effort was put into creating this art?
  5. Marketplace – Can you purchase it on a known marketplace or you have to visit the creators website? We favour NFTs that you can purchase on a known marketplace. NFT Marketplaces have the highest security standards and we consider them a safer place to purchase NFTs on.

When we create these rankings, we try to be as objective as possible. It’s not enough to include a video that we love to watch.

Our ranking is subject to change as there are other NFT videos coming up. We regularly check the market data, review the projects, and update accordingly.

What are NFT videos?

NFTs come in many different forms and if we filter them by categories on marketplaces, NFT videos are one of the available categories. These videos are not that different than what you can find on ex. YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.

There is one key difference though, NFT videos are stored on the blockchain and you can have them in your digital wallet. Basically, if you purchase an NFT Video, you can prove that you have the ownership.

Today there are many artists who publish their video art as an NFT. Some have become millionaires in the process, others may have gained a big social following.

Whatever the reason why someone would create NFT videos, they can easily benefit from it.

That being said, it doesn’t mean every video will sell successfully. You still need a good marketing strategy, and the video has to be good. Not necessarily good design-wise, but there has to be something special about it.

For example, “Not Forgotten, But Gone” is an NFT video that we have included in our ranking because of the impact it has made. The design of this NFT is nothing spectacular. Sure, it couldn’t be made by anyone, but an average artist would be able to create it.

However, what’s important about this specific NFT is the message. The creator has made this video because he wants to raise people’s awareness of the animals going extinct. Those animals are going extinct mostly because of us, humans.

Such art will always manage to touch people, and that’s exactly what we mean by “the video has to be good”. Whether it’s the message, the design, the humor, or anything else.

Combine a message, a video, and blockchain technology, and you got yourself an NFT.

What types of NFT videos are there?

Same as most other NFT categories, videos also have sub-categories or types as we like to call them. We’ll go through the most common types of NFT videos and explain them.

  • Recorded videos – One example of such video type is “Charlie Bit My Finger” that you can find high up in our list. Such videos are recorded with cameras and in most cases there are no effects added. There aren’t many NFTs like this, however, the one we have mentioned has successfully sold for $760 thousand.
  • Animated videos – This is the most common type of NFT videos that you’ll find on the marketplaces. One example is Crossroads by Beeple. For this NFT type people will use different tools to create the animation and then mint it. There are various art styles of animated videos, from 8bit to realistic ones.
  • Animated with music – The second most common NFT video type that can be seen in examples such as “Death of the Old” by Grimes. The music in the background of animation is sometimes created by the same creator such as in the “Hairy” NFT that was made by Steve Aoki.
  • Combination – This NFT video type combines animations and recorded videos. The ideal example is “The Living Doodle” that features the creator drawing on a board and his “doodles” running around him. Also, another good example is NBA Top Shot that combines clips of NBA players and animation surrounding it.

You can buy such NFT videos on most NFT marketplaces since it’s a common category. If you want to know which are the best NFT marketplaces, make sure you check our ranking.

What video formats can be used for NFT?

You might be wondering what video formats you can use when uploading your videos and turning them into NFTs. This largely depends on the NFT marketplace you plan to post your art on.

For example, OpenSea NFT marketplace supports these video formats:

  • MP4
  • OGG
  • M4V
  • OGV
  • WEBM

You can even implement some 3D models into your NFT videos such as glTF and GLB.

What’s best about most usual video formats is that you can always convert them into another format. For example, if your video has an .AVI file format, you can easily convert it to .MP4 with free tools.

That being said, it’s easy to convert any kind of video that you have into a format that’s supported on the NFT marketplace you’ll use.

To conclude, you have to check the supported video formats in the documentation of the NFT marketplace you have chosen. The good thing is that you can almost always convert the video formats to fit the one that’s required.

Tips for selling your NFT videos

Yes, you can turn phone videos into an NFT.

The process of doing such a thing is very simple. You’ll need to convert your recorded videos and upload them to a marketplace. Let’s break it down step by step.

  1. Record the video on your phone. Use your phone to record a video that you plan on making into an NFT. If you already have the video recorded, you can use the one from your gallery.
  2. Check the video file format. Depending on what brand of mobile phone you have, the output format for your recording may differ. iPhone usually outputs in .HEVC or .MOV format, while Android has MPEG for newer models and .3GP for the older models. These formats are not on the list of usually supported formats. Luckily for you, we got a step three.
  3. Convert the video format. If your device outputs a format that’s not supported on the NFT marketplaces, you’ll have to convert it. There are a plenty of free and paid tools on the web to do such thing. Whatever tool you choose, make sure that quality loss is as minimal as possible.
  4. Choose an NFT marketplace. Decide where you want to post your NFT art. There are plenty of different NFT marketplaces, but most of them have “Videos” as an available category.
  5. Upload your video. You’ll need an average internet connection, minimal technical knowledge and that’s it. Decide how you’ll name your NFT video, what description you’ll add and the price it will sell for (or you can set an auction).
  6. Done. You have completed the upload process. However, you should always promote your work for a higher chance of selling it. If you want to increase your chances of sale greatly, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Can you turn phone videos into NFT?

Selling an NFT video is not as simple as posting it on the marketplace. Sure, if you are a highly talented artist, people might discover it on their own. However, that’s like playing the lotto, the chances of winning one are slim.

Instead of waiting for your NFT videos to be discovered, there are some things you can do beforehand. For example, you should figure out how you’ll call your NFT and what to put in the description.

If you call your videos “My funny video”, chances are, nobody will take a look at them. Instead, you should call them based on what they represent.

Take “The Living Doodle” for example. In this video, the doodles are running around the artist, hence the name “Living”. You should always try to be creative with the name of your NFT video.

The 2nd advice is to always try to explain what your NFT video is about. You can use the description to do that if the marketplace you have chosen has that field. Other than description, you can also create a website and explain the art there.

You can check how Beeple done it on his website.

Personal websites are a great way to showcase your art, in this case, videos. That way you can attract visitors who might convert into buyers.

Promote your art on social media. You can use your social media profiles for something other than chatting with your friends, and that’s the promotion of your art. With millions of users, it’s a great place to advertise.

Get a paid promotion. You know the old saying “you need to spend money to make money”, well that might be true. Scroll down to the bottom of this article and find out how we can help sell your art.

Why people spend so much money on NFT videos?

When people see videos such as “Crossroad” sell for a couple of million dollars, they instantly think it’s always like that. However, most NFT videos cost way less. You can get NFT videos for few dollars, but you can also get them for several million dollars.

The price of an NFT video depends on these factors:

  • How popular is the artist? Are you purchasing from Beeple, Pak or another famous person or is it someone anonymous?
  • Is the art complex? Did the artist spend a lot of time creating it, or it’s a simple animation video with minimal effort?
  • Which marketplace is it on? Certain NFT marketplaces tend to allow only verified artists to sell, which sets the art price pretty high right from the start.
  • It’s an auction. Since auction is basically competition with other buyers, the price is not set until the auction runs out. However, creators can set so-called reserve prices that has to be met.
  • Creators decision. If you want to price your NFT video for a million dollars, you can do it. The same goes for other creators, the price will most likely be a reflection of how much they value their art to be worth.

Rather than stressing on some NFT videos that have “unreasonably” high prices, focus on finding art that’s worth it. With over 20 million NFTs just on the OpenSea marketplace, it’s impossible not to find a piece that suits you.

On the other hand, that 20 million number on this marketplace means you have plenty of competition. That’s why advertising is a key component of every successful NFT artist.

Some authors went from barely making a living to earning millions overnight. That’s the beauty of this NFT world, everyone that’s skilled enough can make it.

Why you should sell your videos as NFT?

The short answer to this question is because you can make money.

NFT is a relatively new space where new artists have higher chances of success rather than competing with people in already known places like YouTube.

You can become an early adopter and earn yourself a name. If you start now, you can build yourself as a brand and become a known author such as Beeple. Before his NFT success, Beeple was selling digital art for 100$ according to some sources.

Let’s go through the PROS and CONS of posting your video as an NFT.


  • Relatively new space. There aren’t so many competitors when compared to YouTube or other media channels. If you start today, you can still become a known artist if you are skilled enough.
  • High chances of becoming rich. Sure, it’s not as simple as uploading a video and becoming a millionaire. However, it’s much simpler than to build a YouTube channel from zero or if selling your videos on the usual video marketplaces. If you are quality enough, you’ll be able to sell your art for much more money than what you would usually get.marketplaces range from 0% to 15%. Physical auctions tend to charge 20-30% + VAT.
  • Unexplored platform. When we talk about usual media channels like YouTube or the news, we already know what to expect. However, when we talk about NFT, it’s still unexplored. Who could have ever said that “Death of the Old” could sell for almost a quarter million dollars? Niches are still being explored and who knows, you might find the “golden goose”.
  • It’s not that complicated. Usually, when new technologies are available, they can be complicated and not user-friendly. We can’t say NFTs are very easy to understand, but they are not complicated either. Luckily for you, we have made a free NFT university that covers most of the NFT basics, but also more complex stuff.
  • Many formats supported. It’s not just recorded videos, you can post many different formats as previously mentioned. This gives you a certain artist freedom to do whatever you want to do on many different ways.
  • Low fees on sale. Some of the NFT marketplaces have the fees as low as 0%. You don’t have to give up a big portion of your earnings, when compared to AdSense or similar AD networks, you lose up to 32% revenue.


Let’s not fool ourselves, there are some cons to the NFT world as well. Even though the pros outweigh the cons, we still have to mention what are the cons.

  • Complexity for buyers. Purchasing an NFT is still not as easy as buying on e.g. Amazon or Ebay. This limits the amount of people you can reach with your videos. However, as the NFTs and crypto grows, more people will purchase as well.
  • Transaction fees can be high. Certain blockchains such as Ethereum can have pretty expensive transactions if there is a congestion. That has already happened a couple of times with Ethereum. To fight this, you can choose other blockchains such as Polygon or Tezos because they have cheap transactions.
  • Security of your wallet. When you open up a bank account, they are responsible for the security of your account. However, when you create a digital wallet that can store NFT or crypto, you are responsible for it. This is the reason why there are so many scammers around blockchain technology.

One more thing that’s worth a mention is that NFT marketplaces have no ads. When you publish your videos on places like YouTube, users will see a lot of ads since that’s the way you earn money.

Best NFT Marketplaces have no ads that will annoy the buyers.

Business opportunity

NFTs are a great new way to advertise your business. There are many different ways you can connect your business to art. For example, you can implement certain utilities for the buyers of your NFT videos.

One utility example for the NFT video is a ticket for a conference you are hosting. Let’s say you are hosting a business conference that people have to purchase tickets for.

You could create special tickets which would include perks of speaking directly to the speakers & presenters at the conference. The only way how someone could get such a ticket would be to purchase your NFT video that could be a trailer for the conference.

That way you’d utilize the latest technology trends and bring something new to the market. If someone buys these tickets, he can keep them forever because they are stored on the blockchain.

This is just the most basic example of what you can do with NFT videos. You can be creative and think of something that nobody has yet come up with.

Are there any fees to create an NFT video?

It’s very important to know about all the fees attached to the process of creating an NFT video. We’ll go through all of them, so you don’t have to spend much time searching around the web.

  • Commision fees – These fees occur when you have successfully sold your NFT video. The fee depends on the NFT marketplace, but it ranges from 0% to 15% with 2.5% on average. You won’t have to worry about paying them by yourself as they are automatically taken from the sale amount that goes into your digital wallet.
  • Minting fees – Certain NFT marketplaces will charge these so-called “minting” fees. Minting is a process where the art, in this case video, is converted to an actual NFT. Some of the best NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea have implemented “Lazy minting”. Lazy minting means that your art won’t become an actual NFT until it’s sold. Even then, most usually the buyer will be the one paying for the gas fee that’s necessary to complete the minting process.
  • Transaction fees — Some of the marketplaces require you to verify your digital wallet by doing one small transaction. This fee doesn’t actually go to the marketplace owners, but rather to the blockchain validators. Validators are those who verify the transaction on the blockchain network.
  • Consider using a hardware wallet. This type of wallet encrypts and stores your private key and it is the safest method to store cryptocurrency. If you don’t know which wallet to use, check our best NFT wallets ranking.

It’s also important to know how certain marketplaces are invite-only. Unless you are a known artist, you’ll have a hard time getting into such marketplaces.

There are also NFT marketplaces where people will have to vote on your art. Basically, there is a verification process where either the community or marketplace team will check if your art deserves to be on the marketplace.

If you are wondering what marketplace to post your NFT video on, check our best NFT marketplaces ranking.

What camera can I use to create NFT videos?

You can use any camera that you are comfortable with. As we have previously mentioned, what’s important is the format your video will be on. The marketplace has to support that format, and if it doesn’t, you’ll have to convert it.

There are artists using their phone cameras to record NFT videos, and they end up looking amazing.

Let’s face it, phone camera quality has increased greatly over the years, so it’s hard to tell a difference from real camera videos to an average viewer. If you prefer using the phone camera, that’s okay, make sure the video quality is on point though.

On the other hand, there were also plenty of creators using professional cameras to record their NFT videos. Sometimes, they have to convert their video file format as well.

We are not a camera review website, so we’ll let you decide on your own about the equipment you are going to use. That being said, professional cameras tend to create a bigger file size than mobile phone cameras.

That brings us to the next important thing about NFT videos, maximum file size.

What is the maximum file size for NFT video?

If you want to upload your video as an NFT, you need to know the maximum allowed file size. The most usual file size limit is 50MB. We have created a list with some of the most popular NFT marketplaces and the file size limit they have set:

OpenSea – Allows videos of up to 40MB per NFT. Although, they suggest keeping it under 20MB to increase the load speed.

  • SuperRare – You can upload videos up to 50MB in size.
  • Foundation — Same as on the previous in this list, you can upload files of up to 50MB on the foundation.
  • Mintable — Probably the best marketplace when we talk about maximum file size since you can upload files of up to 3GB on Mintable. That’s a very long video there for you.
  • NFTrade — Maximum file size is 30MB per NFT.

As you can see, the most usual range is around 40MB per NFT, except for Mintable. There are many different marketplaces, but that’s the “standard” on the most popular ones.

This might change in the future if long-format videos take over. Right now, the most usual NFT videos are only a couple of minutes long. That’s why most of the file size limits are in MB instead of GB.

That being said, there are ways to reduce the video file size with a process called “compression”. However, it’s worth noticing how compression will reduce the video quality as well.

Can you earn royalty fees from NFT videos?

You might be wondering if it’s possible to set royalty fees so you can make money each time your original art has been re-sold. The answer is yes, you can.

It’s important to check if royalty fees are supported on the NFT marketplace you have chosen. Luckily for you, most marketplaces will allow you to set a royalty fee.

These fees can mostly range from 0% upwards to 15% per NFT.

Royalty fees are a great way to earn passive income from your videos. Sometimes you’ll sell your art for cheap and it will become expensive later on as you gain popularity or something related to the art happens.

You’ve probably heard stories about artists who died broke, but their art became expensive after their death. It’s kind of a morbid example, but think what would happen if their heirs had ownership for royalty fees.

If you have royalty fees set up, you’ll earn a portion of the sale each time your art is re-sold. These fees make NFT videos a great way to earn passive income.

Obviously, the more NFT videos you sell, the higher the passive income you can achieve.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that nobody can trick you. Once you set up royalty fees, they are included in the smart contract and a certain percentage gets transferred to your digital wallet address each time your art is sold.

You don’t have to worry about someone not paying you up or waiting on the money forever. That’s the beauty of blockchain, everything is transparent and almost instant.

List your NFT videos

As we have previously mentioned, the most important aspect of a successful sale is marketing. Without proper marketing, you won’t be able to reach potential buyers.

There are millions of different NFT videos available for purchase and if you want to sell yours, you can’t rely on the marketplace alone.

Sure, some people will find your art through the “explore” function, but chances are, they’ll see a “better” NFT on a website like ours. If you really want to secure those buyers, you’ll have to work on your marketing.

What’s so special about your video? What makes it different than other projects? Is there something you are doing much better than the competition?

We can help you identify the key points of your video and help you sell it. Our team of researchers will analyze your NFT video and if it’s good enough, we’ll gladly let you advertise it on our website for a fee.

On the other hand, if you are not qualified enough, we can still give tips on what to improve.

Why to advertise on our website?

Firstly, we have a team of NFT and crypto experts who are in this field from the start. We are researching blockchain technology daily, so we are well aware of the newest updates in this space.

Our website is the #1 independent authority on NFT rankings. We get a lot of website traffic from this specific world. Each of our visitors is a potential buyer for your NFT video.

We are growing every day and expanding our website. When you compare the potential earnings you can make to the listing fee, you’ll quickly see how advertising on our website is an affordable and easy way to sell your NFT videos.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Contact us today and our team will look into your video. If you are qualified, we’ll be happy to advertise you on our website.

Kresimir Ilicic, Author

The world of NFT is expanding every day. What started as a way to verify ownership of digital collectibles has expanded to serious utility including passive earning. Some projects have even created their own P2E (Play-To-Earn) games with the help of blockchain and NFT.

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