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There are plenty more in our “Top NFT Rankings” menu item, so make sure you check it out. All of the items included in these rankings have been carefully reviewed by our team and we constantly update the list.

We always prefer quality over quantity, so you’ll easily notice how there is a limited amount of spots in our ranking tables. You can also see some listings that have a “sponsored” label on top of them. That label is added to NFT projects when they pay us for a promotion.

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Top NFT Rankings

The first spot in our menu is the “Top NFT Rankings” one. This includes all of the NFT projects that are reviewed and ranked by us. Each ranking list has our criteria explained underneath.

These rankings include various different NFT projects. There is a maximum of 10 entries in our list, and these are updated all the time.

You’ll probably notice how some entries have a small label “Sponsored” added to them. We offer promotions for NFT projects on our “List your NFT” part of the website as previously mentioned.

These entries still go through our review process, we do not allow every promotion. Our team will check if the project is “legit” or a scam. Every ranking has an explanation below the table.

So, what are the rankings we have included? Some of the NFT rankings we have included on our website are


Discover NFT marketplaces where you can both collect or sell your own NFTs. With so many different ones out there, it’s important to see the real facts about marketplaces so you can decide which one you’ll join.

Different marketplaces use different tokens. Also, they differ from each other based on the NFT category. The most popular token for NFT marketplaces is Ethereum.

However, Ethereum struggles with high transaction fees at the moment, so you should take a look at our best NFT marketplaces list to discover alternatives.


Are you looking to add new NFTs to your collection? We have created a ranking list of the best NFT collectibles, so make sure you check it out. There are some collectibles with utility, and there are those focused solely on art.

Certain collectibles like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club have gained a lot of attraction as they were amongst the first ones to be created. Soon enough, the prices for these collectibles have skyrocketed.

The cheapest Bored Ape Yacht Club collectible is now listed for 33.8 ETH which is $142k at the time of writing this. Imagine discovering a new project that will reach these prices and buying it for cheap right now. That’s where our rankings can help.


If you are looking to find 1/1 best NFT images, we have a ranking for that as well. These include images created by Beeple, but some are made by less-known artists as well.

We are happy that this category exists on marketplaces because so many excellent artists have been discovered because of it. Some of the art posted as NFT is really “jaw-dropping”.


Do you prefer “moving pictures” rather than collectibles? We have created a ranking for the best NFT Videos as well. There are some awesome NFT projects in this category, so you can stop looking at CryptoPunks for a second and take a look at this category instead.

There are some very cool videos posted as NFTs and some can even spark a bit of nostalgia feeling. Such example is the YouTube viral video “Charlie bit my finger”. This video was sold to a new owner as an NFT and then completely removed from YouTube even though it had 800 million views.


Who could have ever thought that Kings of Leon would be amongst the first to publish NFT Music Albums? We have created a list of the best NFT music projects. These include both albums and songs, we got it all covered.

It’s always cool to see other types of artists being involved in NFT space. The exposure from music artists such as Kings of Leon and 3lau will help to bring more users to purchase NFTs.


Are you in love with sports? Do you see the future of sport moving to digital items? Then you should take a look at our best NFT sports projects listing.

There are different sport projects available today. These range from games to collectibles. Some games like F1 Delta Time are super popular and have many users playing them.

Players can buy virtual tracks in F1 Delta Time and receive % of each ticket sold in-game for that event. So, besides owning something cool, you can also earn from it.

As for the collectibles, certain sports teams and players have created their own collections. The best example of a sport NFT collection is the NBA Top Shot that sells the best moments of NBA players that can be purchased as an NFT.


Do you want to see something other than art? How about NFT combined with some utility? We have created a ranking for the best NFT utility. As the NFT world progresses, we can see much more usage for it than simply flipping the art. Some projects have already implemented great utility such as Decentraland where people can buy pieces of virtual land for themselves.

Virtual Worlds

Metaverse is an inevitable future for gaming and technology in general. That’s why we have created the list of best NFT virtual worlds. You can become a completely different person in the metaverse.

How does metaverse combine with NFT?

In most cases, wearable items and other decoration items are actually NFTs in virtual worlds. So, someone will design a wearable item, post it for sale as an NFT and you’ll be able to purchase it. Metaverse game will then verify your ownership through blockchain, and once verified you’ll be able to use that item in-game.


Looking to buy an NFT, but don’t have a wallet yet? We got you covered. There are so many different wallets to choose from that we have decided to create a ranking for the best NFT wallet.

You can’t hold all of the cryptocurrency tokens in your digital wallets, only the supported ones. The number of supported NFT standards is even smaller with these wallets. Most only support Ethereum ERC-721 NFT standard or none at all.

NFT Market data

Since the NFT market trends change a lot, it’s important to track them. Based on that data you can decide what will your next investment be or which projects you should keep an eye on. That’s why we have created the NFT Market data section on our website.

You can view several different markets data rankings such as:

You can sort the market data by a time period you want to view it in. These numbers can show you where is the market heading and what’s the next big thing.

NFT Giveaways

This menu category was included strictly to give back to the community. In NFT Giveaways you may find airdrops, giveaways, and more. Basically, it’s a page dedicated to free stuff for the community.

Here you’ll find a list of all the NFT projects doing promotions right now. We always write a description where you’ll get the basic idea behind the projects so you know if it’s worth your time.

Most of the time, the steps required to participate in a giveaway are pretty simple. They include something like commenting on a tweet, retweeting, following a certain profile on social media, or similar. The winner will then be randomly drawn and announced on the Twitter profile of the host.

Sure, there are some other ways projects tend to create a giveaway, but this is the most usual one that you’ll find. Other giveaways we’ve seen require you to wear the image of an NFT collectible as your profile picture. That step serves the project as a free advertisement, and you get to participate in the giveaway.

NFT University

This part of our website is the most valuable one. If you are a beginner at NFTs and you have yet to learn how it all works, we got you covered. Our NFT University section has the most important guides that you’ll need.

Other than NFT basics, we have also covered a bit more complex topics such as:

Basically, if there is anything you want to learn about NFTs, we’ll have an article for it. That being said, if you want to know about the latest trends or news from the NFT world, we got that covered as well.

Our website is regularly updated and new stuff is coming out all the time. If there is something you’d want to read about and we don’t have it written yet, you can always contact us through social media or the contact page on this website.

NFT University started as an idea to teach the newcomers about everything related to the complex world of NFTs. Our goal is to simplify the complex technical terms so everyone can get to understand them.


On the community part of our website, you may find other users just like you. We are trying to bring all of the people involved into the NFT space together where they can hang and talk about good projects.

It’s very simple to get started and doesn’t require you anything other than registering and verifying your e-mail. You’ll be “hidden” behind a username and you’ll be able to post your questions or comments.

List your NFT

As we have previously mentioned, we provide a service where other people can advertise their NFT projects on our website. There are several different advertising spaces on our website that you can pay for.

Each advertising space has a different price based on the chosen location and the duration. You are free to choose which space you’ll pay for on our website based on your wants and needs. Right now the prices for advertising are super cheap, however, as the website grows, so will the advertising prices.

This is an ideal time for you to advertise on our website because you can get it for cheap. Don’t wait until we increase the prices, list your NFT today, and enjoy all the new people visiting your NFT project.

Write a review

What’s a website with rankings without real opinions from the customers? We want you to tell us your honest opinions about a marketplace or a collection. That’s why we want you to write a review on our website.

We’ll take your reviews into consideration when we are updating the rankings in the future as well. You are a big and important factor in this community, and your votes and comments count.

Each review is publicly visible to others. We came to this idea of implementing a review system by both looking at what other rankings websites do and by analyzing how we buy our products. What’s the first thing you do when you want to buy something online? Check the price & ratings of course.


The last menu item included on our website is the “About” section. One of the submenu items is the page you are reading right now, but there are others such as “User Help Center”, “Careers”, “Team” and “Contact” as well.

If you are looking to learn more about our project, this is the right section to look at.

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This section of our website was created for any kind of technical or other service-related issues. If you have noticed something wrong with the website or any of the components on our web, you can visit this section and let us know. We’ll work to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Also, on here you may find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can learn about how to manage your account, how does the review system work, or anything else included on our website.


Do you want to work in the NFT space? We may have an open job position for you to apply for. Whether you are a content writer, blockchain developer, or social media manager, we can help you kickstart your career in the blockchain world.

Each job position has its requirement and most of these requirements are already specified on our Careers page. The job positions that we have open are all remote, which means you can work from the comfort of your home.

Even if you think that you don’t have enough experience, we still suggest you contact us. We may be open to mentoring you in the process and helping you learn a new skill.


Discover the team behind the BestNFTs website. Learn who are the creators behind all this content that you are reading. We believe in transparency, so what’s a better way than to showcase the team behind the project?

Unfortunately, there are many shady NFT and blockchain projects in general. This often turns away people who are willing to invest their money, and we can’t blame them.

That’s why we think it’s important to be transparent. The key behind blockchain is for it to be decentralized and mostly anonymous for the customers. That doesn’t mean the team behind NFT or blockchain projects has to be anonymous as well.


Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to contact us.

We have dedicated this page for those of you who have any kind of questions, whether that’s regarding a paid promotion, business proposal, or something else.

Whatever the reason why you want to contact us, feel free to use the contact form we have created for you. Our usual response is within a day or two during the work weeks, however, since the website is still in the development process, please understand this may be longer sometimes.

We’ll answer all of your questions and proposals as soon as possible.

NFT Deals

The last section on our website is “NFT Deals” which covers the best NFT deals that are created exclusively in collaboration with If you are looking to get free NFTs, discounts, whitelist entry, or anything similar, you should definitely check that section on our website.

For creators that are reading this, we invite you to contact us for special collaborations. This is an ideal opportunity to get new buyers to your project because this section is the most eye-catching part of our website.

What you’ll find in these deals can vary a lot, but you won’t find it anywhere else. So, make sure you take a look at it.